Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Is emotional unintelligence encouraged by popular media?

Is it any wonder that individuals acquire destructive patterns of communication?

We wake up to radio phone in debates or interviews, where polarised views are pushed forward as being the binary choice available.

On the way to work we read column after column of indignant editorial within our newspaper, or website of choice.

Perhaps at lunch time we might log into a website forum or messageboard. The fans' website for supporters of my football club, Southampton FC, is particularly apt at the moment as fans turn upon their former heroes and saviours for having failed to secure a financial remedy to our administration woes in the most violent language - a great example of the drama triangle perhaps...

Maybe we get home in time for TV drama such as the agitated rant that passes for entertainment within Eastenders and others.

To what extent does this diet of conflict fuelled communication create an expectation or a norm for us and how we ourselves react to conflict, disagreements and set backs? It is simply exhausting.

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