Friday, 2 January 2009

Red File - A new choice for separating couples

I have posted, below, a draft press release for the Red File system that I have been creating for Mogers Solicitors in Bath.

Please do pitch in with comments or suggestions. If you would like more details on how the scheme is comprised then let me know with a request in the comments, or by messaging at

New Choice for Separating Couples

Many married couples, having made the difficult decision to separate, are finding that they are unable to do so. For some this will be because of the lack of lending or reducing equity in their homes.

For others it is because of the cost of legal fees themselves.

Either way this can result in couples having to remain locked in a marriage which neither of them wants, leading to frustration and resentment.

One Bath firm have created a new legal service to help such couples.

“We are providing a service to enable people to file and complete their own divorces and financial matters while still offering support and guidance.” explains Neil Denny, family solicitor with Mogers on Queen Square, Bath.

“By working alongside people instead of taking over the full conduct of their case, we can help people to move matters forward in a way which is affordable and easier to manage.”

Neil Denny believes that new services such as these are the future for the legal profession. “The market will increasingly expect solicitors to be more flexible in how they work for their clients. They will want to see solicitors recognising the fact that clients are often willing and able to do some of the work themselves.”

The Red File assisted legal services model works on the basis that clients will choose and only pay a small fixed fee for the sections of their divorce and financial case that they want help with.

“The benefit is that people can budget not only for how much their case will cost, but they can also timetable for when each part needs to be paid.”

“We are excited to be leading the debate on the future of providing legal services with this product. We look forward to making the system available in other areas of law to include probate, children law matters and small claims litigation.”

Contact Neil Denny for more information on 01225 750000.


Paul Clegg said...

I think this is the sort of 'thinking out of the box' that will ensure that Mogers grow their business through the recession.


Paul Clegg
Business Referral Strategist

Mkeen61267 said...

This is what Divorce-Online has been doing since 1999. What surprises me is that it has taken nearly 10 years for high street firms to cotton on to this business model.

Neil said...

Thanks for the comments. Divorce Online seems to be all or nothing. There is no componentised modularity - either DIY divorce or "You just sign when we ask you"

I agree entirely though that similar systems from High Street firms have been slow in coming forward.

Anonymous said...

We do of course have modules! You can have a DIY divorce and a consent order or a managed divorce and a consent order, what more do uncontested divorce clients need?

We are looking at providing advice parcels for clients who are not yet ready to proceed on an uncontested basis and arelooking for legal advice where they have not settled finances or children and that should come on stream in the 2nd quarter of 2009.