Sunday, 1 July 2007

Teaching children a new way of disagreeing - "Starting Young"

Meet Tar Heel, one of my fellow Bloggers within the stable.

He has a charming piece from earlier in the month that I have only just got round to reading. He comments on his young children and their fledgling attempts to resolve differences.

What are peoples thoughts on children and dispute resolution? When would be an appropriate age to start exploring other approaches with them and what challenges do they present all of us as we try to practice what we preach?

I would be interested in exploring this issue with readers. Are people aware of programs already out there? Even more interesting, anyone fancy a collaboration on this issue?

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Alexander Massey said...

Marshall Rosenburg's work on Non-Violent Communication ( works really well with children, and I think that Covey has seen some wonderful outcomes of his 7 Principles being introduced in school programmes.